Water Treatment Systems Supplied By Kisco Water Treatment Company

Founded in 1928, Kisco Water Treatment Company provided a wide variety of water treatment systems. In September of 1996, Kisco became a part of the USFilter, now Evoqua Water Technologies, family of companies.

Some of the equipment supplied by Kisco:

  • By-pass chemical feeders – including the KBF Series
  • Caustic feed systems
  • Chloride cycle dealkalizers – including the ADC and TADC Series
  • Condensate polishers
  • Dealkalizers
  • Degasifiers
  • Deionizers (also referred to as demineralizers, cations, anions, two beds, separate beds and mixed beds) – both co-current and countercurrent systems including the:
  • Model KMBD mixed bed deionizers
  • Model KSBD two bed deionizers
  • Duoklean systems (clarifier and filter combination)
  • Filters – systems for taste and odor, neutralization, hydrogen sulfide, iron, and suspended matter removal including the:
  • AAC, SAC and GAC Series carbon filters for dechlorination and organic removal
  • KFAC activated carbon filters
  • AMG, SMG and GMG Series heavy industrial manganese greensand filters
  • KFMM Series multimedia or multi-layer filters
  • KFCC Series neutralizing filters
  • AFMG, AFAC, AFN and AFAG top mount automatic filters
  • AG, SAG and the GAG Series turbidity removal filters
  • KFAG Series turbidity removal filters
  • Pump systems
  • Softeners (also referred to as water conditioners or zeolite softeners) – including the:
  • CCM Series meter controlled automatic water conditioners
  • CM Series (also referred to as the Commander Series) meter controlled automatic water conditioners
  • DV Series heavy industrial water softeners
  • KA-Series time clock controlled water conditioners
  • KCM Series time clock controlled automatic water conditioners
  • KF Series commercial softeners
  • KF-9000 Series water conditioners
  • KF-9500 Series water conditioners
  • KS Series commercial softeners
  • KS-DV Series commercial softeners
  • KSF Series (Single) and TWKSF (Twin) medium industrial water softeners
  • SKOM Series (Single) and TWSKOM (Twin) heavy industrial water softeners
  •  Wastewater neutralization systems


If you have an existing Kisco® branded system and want to purchase an additional, identically constructed system, please send an e-mail to retrofits.water@siemens.com and provide a description of your existing equipment and job number, if available.  We will research your existing system and provide a quotation for a new, identically constructed system.  If you are interested in ancillary type equipment or components (such as analyzers, test kits, membranes, etc.), you can search the Evoqua Water Technologies website using key words to locate those items.

Features and Benefits

By purchasing a duplicate system, some of the benefits that can result:

  • No operator training is required – your operators are already familiar with the components, maintenance procedures, etc.
  • Dependable service, as all equipment is built to last
  • Quick startup and long-term operation with quality components and complete documentation


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