Siemens Water Technologies Provides Complete Chemical Dosing Control and Disinfection Systems for Pools and Spas

Siemens Water Technologies, which includes Stranco® and Wallace & Tiernan® systems, has over 40 years experience providing equipment and systems for monitoring, dosing and control of both spa and pool water.

Our extensive product range includes the DEPOLOX® Pool and Ezetrol® Plus controllers, the OSEC®-Pool hypochlorite generation system and Barrier® UV disinfection systems.  Siemens Water Technologies has the widest range of swimming pool chemical control products available.

Our excellence lies in understanding the needs of our clients and our absolute comprehension of the processes involved, the ability to supply 95% of our products from stock and provide full technical support.

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Controllers for Swimming Pools And Spas 
Dosing and Disinfection
Energy Conservation

Controllers for Swimming Pools and Spas

System 3NX

Low cost, high-specification controller suitable for pH, and redox, temperature.

Ezetrol® Plus

Offering parameters of free chlorine, pH and temperature as standard. Other parameter combinations such as dual chlorine inputs and pH measurement or the measurement of free chlorine, pH and redox are also available.


Designed for measurement and control functions as well as process control in swimming pool water treatment applications.

Dosing and Disinfection

Barrier® UV Systems

UV Systems utilising medium pressure lamp technology. A chemical free option for disinfection.

OSEC® Pool Systems

Single skid, fully packaged onsite hypochlorite generation system

LMI Dosing Pumps

Electromagnetically driven diaphragm metering pumps.


Poly aluminium chloride (PAC) dosing system


Series of low-pressure peristaltic pumps offers the market up to 1.5 bar for demanding metering duties.

Carbon Dioxide

An efficient and safe option for pH correction within swimming pools

Energy Conservation
Various products offer the benefit of being able to redue the amount of energy used by a centre.


Sludge water recycling unit for the recovery of refill water in swimming pools


The ECON pool regulates the circulation rate of the pool water according to the current user load

TMS Turbidimeter

Continuous on-line measurement of turbidity in filtered or raw water


The SED2 variable speed drive will significantly reduce energy usage, when water conditions are optimal.


Acid Diluter

Venturi used to reduce the strength of hydrochloric acid at the same time as safely decanting it from the delivery carboy to a day tank

Electric Agitator

For mounting on a day tank  containing chemicals which have a high undissolved solids content, the Electric Agitator is a continuously rated motor with uPVC shaft and propeller.


Designed to inject chemical into the circulation pipe work eliminating contact with pool water within the solution tube


Designed to prevent injection point scaling thus minimising injection valve maintenance

Corporation Cock

Designed to allow the removal of the injector from the pipework without the need to shut down circulation


Designed to provide rapid, reliable and precise measurements of the most important water treatment parameters, chlorine, pH value, total alkalinity, ozone, chlorine dioxide and bromine.

Day Tanks

Translucent polyethylene chemical day tanks, graduated in litres with screw top. Black polypropylene chemical bund tanks to suit. 

Safety Equipment

To ensure that all the chemical control equipment supplied can be used in a safe and secure manner, a range of safety equipment is held in stock. For details of our range please email or telephone 01732 771777.


As the owner of a pool/spa water control and dosing system, you have made a considerable investment. Protect that investment and it will give you many years of low cost and trouble free operation. Our products are fully supported by installation, commissioning and scheduled maintenance packages.  For more information, please contact our service team on 0800 0855415.


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