Water and Wastewater Treatment Applications

Whether its wastewater reuse, process water treatment for industry, high purity water for sensitive medical or scientific applications, or systems to supply clean drinking water, we've provided answers to some of the world’s most pressing water challenges.

Aquatic Water Treatment Applications

Aquatic Systems Management; Chlorine and Chloramine Removal; Disinfection; Water Quality Analyzers and Process Control

Corrosion and Biofouling Protection

Corrosion and Biofouling for Marine Systems, Offshore Platforms, Power Plants and Wastewater Collection Systems

Drinking Water Treatment Applications

Aeration and Gas Stripping; Chemical Feed & Control; Contaminant Removal; Disinfection; Filtration; Softening; System Automation and Control; Water Quality Analyzers and Process Control

Groundwater Remediation Applications

Removal of Arsenic, Dissolved Metals, Hexavalent Chrome, Iron and Manganese, Nitrate, Organic Chemicals; Perchlorate, VOCs; Chemical Feed & Control; Landfill Leachate Treatment

High Purity Water

Reliable high purity water solutions for Laboratory Water; Polishing Loop; Ultrapure Water; USP Water; and Water for Injection Make-up

Industrial Process Water Applications

Chemical Feed & Control; Condensate Polishing; Cooling Tower Make-up; Disinfection; Organic Chemicals Removal; Raw Water Pretreatment; Sterilization; VOC Removal; Water Quality Analyzers and Process Control

Odor and Vapor Control

Corrosion Control; Emergency Vapor Scrubbing; Liquid Phase Odor Control; Vapor Phase Odor Control; Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Removal

Sludge and Biosolids Treatment Applications

Aerobic and Anaerobic Treatment; Biogas Storage; Sludge Dewatering, Drying, Stabilization and Thickening

Wastewater Treatment Applications

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Treatment; Contaminant Reduction and Removal; Chemical Feed, Control and Disinfection; Hazardous Waste Treatment; Spent Caustic Treatment; Oil/Water Separation

Water Recycle and Reuse Applications

Chemical Feed, Control and Disinfection; Municipal Water Reuse; Rainwater Harvesting; Wastewater Reclaim and Reuse; Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)