Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water

Arsenic water filtration is vital to many communities where arsenic has been detected at dangerous levels in public drinking water supplies. The U.S. EPA has set new stricter limits for arsenic levels in drinking water, and communities are employing new strategies and technologies to keep their water supplies safe for human consumption.

 Arsenic Removal Water Treatment

Arsenic naturally occurs in the environment as an odorless, tasteless, semi-metal element. It can get into drinking water supplies drawn from groundwater that contains arsenic from natural deposits in the earth or from agricultural and industrial practices.

Arsenic has been linked to cancer of the bladder, lungs, skin, kidney, nasal passages, liver, and prostate. Non-cancer effects can include thickening and discoloration of the skin, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting; diarrhea; numbness in hands and feet; partial paralysis; and blindness.

To protect an estimated 13 million Americans, the U.S. EPA lowered the acceptable limit for arsenic from 50 ppb (parts per billion) to 10 ppb, and arsenic water filtration applications had to comply with the new arsenic removal standards in January 2006.
Evoqua offers a Potable Ion Exchange (PIX) arsenic water filtration applications. PIX utilizes ion exchange resin canisters for the removal of organic and inorganic contaminants, in surface and groundwater sources to meet drinking water standards. Each filtration application is examined to determine the configuration that best meets current and future needs. The components are selected based upon available manpower, space limitations, access limitation and the specific quality required. If needs change, our arsenic water filtration systems are flexible – we can simply change the media types and/or tank size, thereby saving our customers significant capital expense and eliminating the downtime associated with new equipment construction and installation. 

Evoqua offers a number of solutions, including granular ferric hydroxide, to help communities meet the arsenic removal guidelines.

Arsenic Water Filtration Technologies:
Conventional Filtration 
Ion Exchange
Membrane Filtration and Separation
Separation and Clarification 

Evoqua also provides pilot treatment systems and analytical testing to document the efficacy of treatment prior to installation.
Municipal Drinking Water Treatment Solutions

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Tax-Exempt Leasing for Arsenic Removal with GFH

Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water Case Study

GHF Media Removes Arsenic in Arizona Supply

Like many communities in the desert southwest, Phoenix, Arizona’s water supply includes wells with arsenic concentrations exceeding 10 ppb that are in need of arsenic removal. The city has successfully used granular ferric hydroxide (GHF) from Evoqua Water Technologies to reduce arsenic content to safe levels.

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