Nutrient Removal

Nutrient removal is achieved by reducing the levels of nitrogen and phosphorus levels with advanced wastewater technologies. Higher quality wastewater effluent is the result of this process.

Nutrient Removal

With so many efforts today in trying to make a sustainable environment, there are more stringent discharge limits than ever before that communities have to meet. Enhanced nutrient removal (ENR) provides the highest quality effluent possible by lowering nitrogen and phosphorus levels.

In order to make sure that your municipality produces the highest quality effluent possible with ENR solutions, it is important to know the steps that you will need to take with your wastewater technology.

ENR Solutions provided by Evoqua Water Technologies include the following steps:

  • Simple effluent polishing with filtration that requires little change to your existing equipment
  • Advanced biological treatment
  • Retrofit existing technology with newer and more advanced methods that maximize your investment

We offer the SENRgy Solutions Strategy for Enhanced Nutrient Removal. This solution uses advanced biological and filtration processes in combination with a customized plan to fit your specific ENR requirements.

Nutrient Removal Technologies for Your Wastewater Applications:
Biological Treatment
Gravity Filter Systems
Chemical Feed Controllers

If your equipment is in good condition and doesn’t need replacing but needs updating to meet ENR requirements, then our Retrofit and Refurbishing Services for Wastewater Treatment Equipment may be the solution for you.

Nutrient Removal Brainshark Presentation
Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Presentation (Flash)

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Nutrient Removal Case Study

Enhanced Nutrient Removal Achieved with OMNIFLO® SBR

The City of Fruitland, Maryland needed to expand the capacity of their wastewater treatment plant from 0.5 to 1.0 million gallons per day (MGD) while upgrading its level of treatment to include enhanced nutrient removal (ENR).  The facility also needed to upgrade their facility to meet the requirements of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed project.

Read Full Nutrient Removal Case Study

Nutrient Removal Case Study

Nutrient Removal Products

VARI-CANT® Jet Aeration
NxClear® Denitrification Systems
Davco® Biological Treatment Plants
MBBR / IFAS Treatment Process
Orbal® Multichannel Oxidation Ditch
Vertical Loop Reactor (VLR®) Process
BioMag System
CoMag System

Nutrient Removal Case Studies

Biosphere Moving Bed Biological Reactor System Enabled Neptune Beach to Achieve Total Nitrogen Limits Without Additional Tanks
Chesapeake Bay Watershed Project
High Strength Wastewater No Problem for SBR
Davco Package Treatment System Solves Seasonal Process Water Challenges at Red Gold Tomato Canning Facility
Envirex Vertical Loop Reactor - Texas City, TX
Installation of Cost-Saving OMNIFLO® SBR System at Rahr Malting
Innovative Plant Design Allows Juice Manufacturer to Meet Wastewater Treatment Requirements and Increase Production
Park City, KS Replaces Existing Wastewater Treatment Process with the OMNIFLO® SBR System
Phosphorus and Nitrogen Removal at King George WWTP 
MBR System Designed to Accommodate Variable Flows Between 0.3 and 3.6 MGD
Orbal Systems Helps City of Elkton, Maryland Meet Standards, Lower Energy Costs
New Ohio WWTF Supports Community Growth While Preserving Environment 
Sturbridge, Massachusetts POTW: Greater Capacity for High Flow Events, With Enhanced Clarification for new Regulations
Concord, Massachusetts WWTP - A Low-Cost, 20-Year Solution to Ever-Tightening Phosphorus Limits


Solving the ENR/BNR Challenge - ENR Guidebook
SmartBNR™ Controls That Work With Operators

White Papers
Ridding Wastewater of Excess Nitrogen and Phosphorous is Group Effort 
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