Secondary Wastewater Treatment

Secondary wastewater treatment is the second stage of wastewater treatment that takes place after the primary treatment process. The process consists of removing or reducing contaminants or growths that are left in the wastewater from the primary treatment process. Usually biological treatment is used to treat wastewater in this step because it is the most effective type of treatment on bacteria, or contaminant, growth.

Secondary Wastewater Treatment

Secondary treatment processes can remove up to 90 percent of the organic matter in wastewater by using biological treatment processes. The two most common conventional methods used to achieve secondary treatment are attached growth processes and suspended growth processes.

Evoqua is a world leader in all types of biological treatment systems, including some of the most innovative processes in the market designed to save cost and conserve space and energy:

Secondary Treatment Technologies for Your Wastewater Applications:

Aeration Systems
Biological Treatment Systems
Sludge and Biosolids Processing Systems

Evoqua also provides pilot treatment systems and analytical testing to document the efficacy of treatment prior to installation. We also provide parts and service on all of our equipment, as well as equipment which may have been provided by other manufacturers.

Secondary Wastewater Treatment Case Study:

Pima Utility Company Replaces Existing Wastewater Treatment Process With an OMNIFLO® SBR System

Since the wastewater treatment facility is located near a retirement community, the design of the plant had to be taken into consideration as well as the small land area and noise level of the equipment and potential odors.

The facility installed the OMNIFLO® Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) for secondary wastewater treatment and to replace an existing lagoon. The system also needed to be designed for expansion to accommodate future growth in this community located in Sun Lakes, Arizona.

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Secondary Treatment Case Study