Tertiary Wastewater Treatment

Tertiary treatment is the next wastewater treatment process after secondary treatment. This step removes stubborn contaminants that secondary treatment was not able to clean up. Wastewater effluent becomes even cleaner in this treatment process through the use of stronger and more advanced treatment systems.

Tertiary Wastewater Treatment Memcor Membrane System

What if further treatment is needed?  Treatment levels beyond secondary are called advanced or tertiary treatment. Tertiary treatment technologies can be extensions of conventional secondary biological treatment to further stabilize oxygen-demanding substances in the wastewater, or to remove nitrogen and phosphorus. Tertiary treatment may also involve physical-chemical separation techniques such as carbon adsorption,
flocculation/precipitation, membranes for advanced filtration, ion exchange, dechlorination and reverse osmosis.

Tertiary Treatment Technologies for Your Wastewater Treatment:

Membrane Filtration and Separation
Dechlorination and Disinfection Systems
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems
Ion Exchange
Activated Carbon Adsorption
Physical/Chemical Treatment 

Evoqua also provides pilot treatment systems and analytical testing to document the efficacy of treatment prior to installation. We also provide parts and service on all of our equipment, as well as equipment which may have been provided by other manufacturers.

Tertiary Wastewater Treatment Case Study:

Dauphin Island Plant Expansion Provides Island with Economical Wastewater Treatment and reuse water for Local Golf Course

Dauphin Island’s 0.49 million-gallons-per-day (mgd) (1860m2/d)-wastewater treatment facility, located at the entrance to the island, served its purpose faithfully and effectively since its upgrade in 1984.  However, after over 15 years of service, the facility found itself faced with several obstacles.

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Tertiary Treatment Case Study

Tertiary Wastewater Treatment Products and Services

Hydro-Clear® Sand Filter
MEMCOR CP - Pressurized Membrane Filtration System
Microfiltration Membrane System Technologies - Polymeric Microfiltration Systems
NxClear™ Denitrification Filter for Low Nitrate Discharge Limits in Wastewater
On-Site Carbon Changeout Service Adsorber Exchange Program
Forty-X™ Disc Filter for Tertiary Filtration
MemPulse™ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Systems 
MBBR / IFAS Biological Treatment Process
Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) Media
Activated Carbon Media
Activated Carbon Support Services
BioMag and CoMag Systems

Tertiary Wastewater Treatment  Case Studies

Hydro-Clear Sand Filters Produce Reclaimed Wastewater at Fallbrook Sanitary District
Hydro-Clear® Filter Helps Wheaton Sanitary District Treat Wastewater in Both Wet and Dry Weather
Hydro-Clear® Filters Used for Wastewater Reuse to Counter Severe Drought Conditions 
Kuwaiti WWTP Takes Integrated Biological Approach to Reduce Footprint, Cut Costs, and Improve Effluent Quality Florida WWTP Expansion Plant Plays Important Role in Panhandle Ecosystem Recovery and Protection

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