SBR Plants Provide Wastewater Treatment Solution for Housing Developers

Developers seeking to build new homes in housing developments are sometimes required to install a wastewater treatment system in order to obtain construction permits, depending on the regulations in their particular state.

Often, the system must be installed quickly, and then disassembled and relocated to other developments once the homes have been built.  When all the homes in the development have been completed and the plant’s flow rate is no longer adequate for the volume required, a full-scale permanent wastewater treatment facility must be built.  A sequencing batch reactor (SBR) can be designed to meet the requirements of new housing developments because it delivers high quality effluent; can be constructed and installed quickly; requires a low initial cost investment; and can be easily disassembled and relocated.

Download the complete article (Reproduced with permission from WATER & WASTE DIGEST, March 2006)

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