Complete Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Every day, millions of people and thousands of companies rely on Evoqua Water Technologies Ltd to help them meet their needs for clean water.


Stranco®, Memcor®, Wallace & Tiernan® and Electrocatalytic systems deliver cost-effective, reliable water and wastewater treatment systems and services to municipal, industrial, commercial and leisure customers worldwide.

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Membrane Products
Electrochemical Equipment
Wastewater Treatment
Leisure Applications

For over 25 years, Memcor membrane systems based in Derby  have been used in municipal and industrial applications all over the world.  As an industry pioneer, we continue to provide robust and innovative membrane solutions for the evolving low-pressure membrane marketplace.

Membrane Products

Memcor CP - Ultrafiltration System

The modular' "building block" configuration of the Memcor CP simplifies design, installation and expansion

Memcor CS -Submerged Membrane System

The Memcor CS is a robust, modular treatment system ideal for high solids applications, large capacity systems and conventional treatment plant retrofits

Memcor XS -Submerged Membrane System

Fully Skid-mounted and self-contained, the Memcor XS can treat 20-100m3/hr (120 - 400gpm) on a single compact skid

Memcor XP - Pressurised Membrane System

Self contained, factory tested, pre-packaged unit that treats 5-50m3/hr (25 - 200gpm) on one skid

MemPulse™ Membrane
Bioreactor (MBR) System
 The MemPulse™ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System  uses a mechanical device that supplies irregular pulses of air to the MBR module.  This increases scouring effectiveness, decreases operation and maintenance costs, and reduces energy consumption

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Electrochemical Equipment

Based in Monmouthshire, Wales, Evoqua is a leading provider of hypochlorination and electrochemical equipment designed to control biological fouling and corrosion at power plants, petrochemical facilities as well as ships and offshore facilities.

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Wastewater Treatment

Wallace & Tiernan , Stranco and Portacel disinfection systems are based in Sevenoaks, Kent. The leading global provider of chemical dosing, metering, disinfection, chlorination and electrochlorination products. We also provide systems and process technology for water treatment in the municipal, industrial and the leisure industries.
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Analysers and Process Controllers (including Chlorine Residual Monitors) 

TMS 561 Turbidimeter

The TMS 561 turbidimeter is specifically designed for continuous on-line measurement of turbidity in filtered or raw water in municipal and industrial water treatment plants, final effluent in wastewater, and filter performance in the commercial aquatic applications


The DEPOLOX® 5 measurement module can be used with either the SFC electronic package for single point analysis and control or the versatile MFC electronic package for multiple measurements and control. Including measurement for Free Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide and Ozone


The system is designed for monitoring the disinfection of potable and also process water. It is intended for applications where monitoring of free or total chlorine is sufficient.

EC 100

The Wallace & Tiernan EC100 controller is a fully-integrated disinfection control system designed for gas chlorination applications. 

GMS Plus

The GMS plus system is a flexible two channel measuring system designed for gas and temperature monitoring in up to two rooms


The SFC series of instrumentation provides for the continuous measurement and control of a wide variety of water quality parameters. For measurement of Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, Potassium Permanganate, pH, Redox (ORP) Fluoride, Chlorine-sulphite, Conductivity and Temperature.


The newly released SFC BA chlorine analyser is ideally suited for water chlorination applications, this analyser is the least expensive to own, operate and maintain yet is responsive and reliable enough to ensure compliance with regulations


MFC analyzer/controller offers a broad combination of drinking water analysis and disinfection/chemical control in a single unit. For measurement of Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, Potassium Permanganate, pH, Redox (ORP) Fluoride, Chlorine-sulphite, Conductivity and Temperature.


The MFC-DEPOLOX 5 system is specifically designed for adding the exact dose of disinfectant to drinking, process and waste water. Up to four different control types are available for two measured parameters. Suitable for chlorine residual measurement.


HydraClam® water quality monitor is a purpose-built system for the online monitoring of water quality in the distribution system.


The Chloroclam® Water Quality Monitor accesses the water main via the hydrant point, to continually monitor and report chlorine residual data from the water distribution network enabling proactive management.

P15 Plus

The Wallace & Tiernan photometer P15 plus kit is designed to provide rapid, reliable and precise measurements of the most important water treatment parameters, chlorine, pH value, total alkalinity, ozone, chlorine dioxide and bromine.

Micro 2000®

The Micro/2000® Residual Cell is an accurate and reliable on-line instrument for continuous measurement of free or total Chlorine residuals as well as Chlorine dioxide or Potassium Permanganate residuals


The V600® Disinfection Controller is designed to optimise control for chlorination/dechlorination and chloramination control.

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Chemical Metering Pumps and Accessories




Evoqua Water Technologies offer a range of accessories including the Chemquill Injector, Corporation cock, REM 1F and Auto DeGas Valves.

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Chlorine Dioxide Generation Systems


The Wallace & Tiernan Diox systems were developed for the preparation of chlorine dioxide up to 5000g/hr.

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Gas Feed Equipment




The Wallace & Tiernan®  S10k chlorinator is an all vacuum operated, sonically regulated unit. It provides economic, low capacity gas feed applications


The Wallace & Tiernan® V10k is a remote vacuum solution feeder for use with four of the most commonly used gases for the disinfection and treatment of municipal and industrial water and wastewater. Features the versatility of wall mounting and a maximum capacity of 750 PPD(chlorine).

Kent V2000 

The Kent V2000™ wall-mounted chlorinator is the product of extensive research which focused on our customer's need for easy access, simple maintenance, and compact, economical construction.


The V2000 family of chlorinators are remote vacuum solution feed gas feeders. They consist of a floor mounted unit with a maximum capacity of 10,000 lbs (4500 Kgs)per day (Chlorine) and a more compact wall mounted unit with a capacity of 3000 (1360 Kgs) per day  (Chlorine).

Gas Accessories

Evoqua Water Technologies Ltd offer a range of accessories including scales and vacuum regulators


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Hypochlorite Generation Systems


OSEC® B Series

The OSEC B Series systems are of tubular design and provide production of sodium hypochlorite solution from salt, water and electricity


The OSEC-LC System provides for the continuous production of sodium hypochlorite solution from salt, water and electricity.


The OSEC-LC Plus system is available in two sizes, of 6 kg (13 lbs) and 12 kg (26 lbs) per day chlorine output and is primarily an ‘on-demand’ based feed device, although an optional bulk tank



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Ultraviolet Light Disinfection 

Barrier® M

The Barrier® M range of UV systems is primarily designed for the treatment of potable water, wastewater, swimming pool and process water with flow rates ranging from 44 to 5000 US gpm (10 to 1150 m3/h).

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The Evoqua Range Also Includes the Following Products and Applications:

Drinking Water Treatment
Monitoring & Control
Clean Water for Reuse/Recycle
Odour Control Packages 
Automation Technology
Process Control
Process Instrumentation
Drive Technologies
Geared Motors
Gear Units

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