Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

We feature Westates® activated carbon medias.  We inventory a full line of premium virgin activated carbons made from high quality bituminous coal, coconut shell and anthracite coal raw materials for liquid and vapor phase applications.

AquaCarb 1240 Granular Activated Carbon
Westates® Activated Carbon Media

We provide activated carbon media to municipal, industrial and commercial customers alike.  We offer high quality virgin-carbons for liquid and vapor phase applications. 

Our activated carbons are extensively quality checked at our State of California certified environmental and carbon testing laboratory located in Los Angeles, CA. Our laboratory is fully equipped to provide complete quality control analysis using ASTM standard test methods in order to assure the consistent quality of all Westates® carbons.

We also feature a line of reactivated carbons and specialty carbons.  Reactivated carbons provide an economical, environmentally-friendly option for activated carbon users.

Introducing the AquaCarb® CX enhanced coconut shell-based carbons. The AquaCarb CX series carbons combine the individual benefits of traditional coal-based and coconut-shell carbons in a single, high performance product.  AquaCarb CX carbon provides the high micropore structure of coconut shell with the faster kinetics of bituminous coal based carbons.  The resulting product provides excellent trace VOC removal capacity and also provides effective treatment results in applications where bituminous coal-based carbons have historically been the only choice, most notably disinfection byproduct (DBP) or DBP precursor removal, or bulk organic and total organic carbon (TOC) removal in surface waters.

Learn more about our full line of Liquid Phase Activated Carbons and Vapor Phase Activated Carbons.

Our technical staff offers hands-on guidance in selecting the most appropriate system, operating conditions and carbon to meet your needs.

Some of the applications we specialize in include:

Bottled Water and Beverage Production
Disinfection By-Product (DBP) Removal
Taste Control and Odor Control 
VOC Removal

Drinking Water Treatment
Disinfection By-Products Removal
Mercury Removal
Taste and Odor Control
TOC Reduction
VOC Removal

Groundwater Remediation 
Organic Chemicals Removal
VOC Removal

Industrial Process Water
Organic Chemicals Removal
VOC Removal

Odor and Vapor Control 
Vapor Phase Odor Control
VOC Control

Wastewater Treatment 
BOD & COD Reduction 
Tertiary Treatment 
TOC Reduction 

Listen to an audio presentation on Coconut-shell vs. Coal-based carbons:

To learn more, read our Comparison of Coconut-shell vs. Coal-based activated carbons: Frequently Asked Questions.

Granular Activated Carbon Case Study

High Purity Water Equipment and Service Ensures Clean Water at the Georgia Aquarium

Aquarium fish need many things to survive, and clean water is one of them.  The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, one of the largest in the world, required clean water for the more than 100,000 animals and fish that live there.  The incoming water had to be treated before it could be used in the fresh and saltwater exhibits.  The aquarium chose Siemens Water Technologies to supply specialized high-purity water treatment equipment to remove chlorine, dissolved minerals and organics from the main facility’s incoming water and the make-up water for all the fresh water exhibits.  Siemens became involved in the project during the equipment layout phase, providing temporary water systems that could be used for research and for housing the animals and fish while the main aquarium was being built.  Siemens worked closely with the aquarium’s director of plant engineering, the building’s architect and mechanical contractor on the permanent equipment for the main facility. 

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Granular Activated Carbon Case Study