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Air Diffusers also know as bubble diffusers add air bubbles to water or wastewater, increasing the dissolved oxygen content to supply micro-organisms with oxygen.  Aeration systems help control biological activity wastewater treatment and algae growth in ponds.

Ceramic Diffused Air  Diffusers
DualAir® Ceramic Diffusers

Envirex brand diffusers offer the most complete line of fine and coarse bubble membrane and ceramic diffusers. We also offer full technical support to assist you with your diffuser design and selection.  Everything from comparison of bubble size efficiencies to complete aeration system design.   Materials of construction include plastic with membrane diffusers, stainless steel with membrane diffusers, or a stainless steel and ceramic diffuser for corrosive applications.

Our diffuser offerings include:

DualAir® Fine Bubble Diffuser System - The Envirex DualAir® Fine Bubble Diffuser System’s unique design consists of two diffuser bases molded together with a curved saddle formed between them. This design, which is available with either membrane or ceramic diffuser media allows two diffuser assemblies to be mounted at one location.
Discfuser® Coarse Bubble Diffuser - Envirex Discfuser® diffusers are recommended for applications where you have or expect high solids concentration in the aerated liquor.
FlexDisc™ Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser - Using fine bubble membrane technology, the FlexDisc™ diffuser’s innovative design is the most efficient and cost effective on the market. It has been designed for easy retrofitting of existing diffused aeration equipment to increase performance and decrease utility costs.
FlexDome™ Fine Bubble Diffuser - The FlexDome™ patented bolt-on design allows you to retrofit just your ceramic dome media, keeping the rest of the header piping system intact. It offers dramatically decreased maintenance and downtime because its smooth outer surface, uniform bubble distribution and continuous flexing of the rubber membrane eliminates build-up.
Rex-Flex™ Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser - Rex-Flex™ fine bubble oxygen diffuser has excellent process aeration efficiency. When air is turned on, the membrane expands and rises off its seat and the apertures open to release a controlled, energy efficient stream of bubbles. Installation is easy and provides superior process flexibility while reducing energy costs.
SnapCap™ Coarse Bubble Diffuser - The SnapCap™ coarse bubble diffuser has a snap-on diaphragm cap which is made of an EPDM-based thermoplastic rubber that provides extended life and improved performance.

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Diffused Air Systems Case Study

Thailand Brewery Installs Water Treatment Plant, Generating Biogas and Reducing Sludge Volume

Boon Rawd Brewery, Thailand's first and largest brewery, was founded by Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi in 1933.  To date, Boon Rawd's product lines include beer, soda water, drinking water and ready to drink non-alcoholic beverages.  At present, the company owns and operates three breweries and seven soda water and drinking facilities located in regions across Thailand.  With a constant increase in demand, the company planned to increase its brewing capacity at Khon Kaen brewery , a subsidiary company of Boon Rawd Brewery by mid 2007, which generates larger volumes of wastewater in parallel.  Khon Kaen Brewery wanted to ensure that discharge qualities were consistently met in the new wastewater treatment plant and that biogas was generated as an alternate source of fuel for use in a boiler system.  They also wanted to reduce the volume of sludge generated.

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Diffused Air Systems Case Study