Mechanical Aeration

Floating surface aeration systems add air to ponds, lakes and aerated wastewater lagoons, increasing dissolved oxygen content and supplying micro-organisms with oxygen.

Aqua-Lator® High Speed Floating Aerators

We offer a broad range of aeration systems and devices, from fine to coarse bubble, jet aeration, and many other forms of surface or submerged aeration systems.

Aqua-Lator® Surface Aerators
The Aqua-Lator® floating mechanical aerator for wastewater aeration and treatment.
Aqua-Lator Surface Aerators

Mist Eliminator™ Spray Containment Dome
The Mist Eliminator spray containment dome is an optional aerator cover that stops aeration mist problems.
Mist Eliminator™ Spray Containment Dome

Mechanical Aeration Case Study

Aqua-Lator Aerators Provide Efficient and Reliable Installation

The aerators in operation at the Alexandria, Louisiana Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) are a good example of the reliability and longevity of the Aqua-Lator surface aerator. The  79 twenty horsepower units are a benefit to the facilities pond aeration system since some of the floating aerators can be taken out of service for maintenance without a dramatic impact on the overall system, unlike other aeration approachs.  The aerators, mounted on fiberglass floats, operate in two primary and two secondary clay lined aeration lagoons in a modified activated sludge/aerated lagoon system. 

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Mechanical Aeration Case Study

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Aqua-Lator Surface Aerators
Mist Eliminator Spray Containment Dome

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