Integrated and Advanced Biological Wastewater Systems

We are able to fully integrate the main unit of operations of a wastewater plant into a single solution: biological, solids separation, solids treatment and controls.

Field Erected Biological Wastewater Plant
Orbal® Process

Our process experts work with the design team to learn the various factors that contribute to a plant’s design, including effluent requirements, land availability, energy, labor and disposal costs.  We then apply our extensive process knowledge and product expertise, analyzing the efficiency of each process, their interaction with other components, while optimizing the overall efficiency of the entire system from start to finish.

Existing plants can also benefit from our experience and technologies.  The integrated MBR process encompasses a hybrid group of industrial-leading technologies into a single integrated process.

By combining Memcor membrane technology, SmartMBR™ controls and your current treatment process improved effluent and/or increased capacity is guaranteed.

We can offer a wide range of products and processes.  Each technology offers a unique solution to a specific wastewater application or design issue.  

Our Offerings Includes:

Orbal® Multichannel Oxidation System
Vertical Loop Reactor
Verticel® Process
MemPulse Membrane Biological Reactor Process
BioSphere™ MBBR / IFAS Biological System
OMNIFLO® Interchange Sequencing Batch Reactors (ISBR) System
Field-Erected Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants

Integrated and Advanced Systems Applications:
Biological Wastewater Treatment

Integrated and Advanced Wastewater Systems Case Study

Midwestern Town Saves Time, Money and Energy With Wastewater Upgrade – Extending Solution to Second Plant

Peru, Indiana, a town of nearly 16,000 on the Wabash River, is known as the circus capital of the world. At one time the winter headquarters of several famous circuses, including Ringling Brothers and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, it's host to the International Circus Hall of Fame. It's also one of the few cities in the state with combined sewers. 
Peru Utilities needed to upgrade its two wastewater treatment facilities to reduce operations costs and expand capacity to promote economic growth. 

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Integrated and Advanced Wastewater Systems Case Study