BioSphere™ MBBR / IFAS Biological Treatment System

BioSphere™ MBBR /IFAS Systems are the latest innovation.  The new systems incorporate a newly designed biomass carrier into a moving bed fixed-film process that provides a protected, extremely high surface area environment for biofilm growth.  The systems allow capacity increases of 200% or more, and ensures compliance with ever-tightening permit limits - all within an existing plant footprint.  

BioSphere™ Biological Treatment System
BioSphere™ Biological Treatment System

Flexible Answers. Improved Biological Treatment Efficiency.  

The BioSphere™ Biological System can be installed either as an integrated fixed-film activated sludge (IFAS) system or as a fixed-film system without activated sludge circulation (MBBR). It utilizes a spiral role aeration pattern generated by medium bubble diffusers to provide complete bioreactor mixing coupled with enhanced oxygen transfer capabilities.  In fixed-film mode, the BioSphere Biological System uses a single pass configuration with no return activated sludge (RAS).   In IFAS mode, RAS is returned to the bioreactor and the suspended biomass is combined with the fixed film biomass attached to the carriers.

BioSphere Biological Systems are ideal for plant upgrades, retrofits or expansions of both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.  The system can successfully achieve BOD5 to < 5.0 mg/L, and enhanced nutrient removal performance, including total nitrogen (TN) < 3 mg/L without adding tanks to an existing plant.  The flexibility and efficiency of the system also makes it a cost-effective solution for the construction of new plants.     

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Features and Benefits

  • Cost Effective - Design and implementation efficiencies ensure lower capital and operating costs than conventional alternatives.
  • Small Footprint - High-rate treatment allows for a smaller footprint than conventional processes. 
  • Flexible Design - The treatment system integrates into most activated sludge bioreactors.  It can also be applied as a roughing filter for pretreatment or as a post-treatment polishing bioreactor.
  • Expandable - Simple media additionally allows for easy plant expansion to accommodate population growth or other needs for capacity.   
  • Stable Operation - Toxic upsets and hydraulic "wash out" events do not affect the entire microbial population in the biofilm, ensuring smooth and rapid system recovery.
  • Intensive and Low-Temperature Nitrification - A separate microbial population held on the biomass carriers enables quantitative nitrification evan at a low sludge age.  An autotroph rich biofilm allows stable nitrification, even at low temperatures.

  • Reliable Media Retention -  Efficient use of non-clogging wedge wire screens ensure reliable retention of the biomass carriers in the bioreactor. 


 What This Means to You

  • Improved oxygen transfer and reduced operating cost

  • Reduced maintenance, elimination of plugging, reduced cost

  • Allows for expansion/upgrade without additional tankage; reduced cost

  • Nitrogen removal without increased hydraulic retention time

  • Fixed-film biomass is attached to carriers designed to remain in the aeration basin even under hydraulic upset conditions.  Due to biofilm layers on the media, toxic upsets typically do not affect all active biomass and recovery is much quicker than with suspended growth systems.


Flowsheet Solutions: Technology Combinations Create Greater Value
We draw on our leading biological wastewater portfolio and applications experts to support projects where multiple technologies can be combined into high peforming, lowest cost solutions.  FlowSheet Solutions are supported with a dedicated single technical point who assures coodinated, timely and accurate porject execution, along with a conprehensive upfront evaluation of alternatives.