MemPulse™ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System

The MemPulse™ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System uses a mechanical device that supplies irregular pulses of air to the MBR module.  This increases scouring effectiveness, decreases operation and maintenance costs, and reduces energy consumption.  The system can be used in with a wide range of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications.  It can also easily be retrofitted to existing plants wishing to replace conventional clarification processes with membrane separation.

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The MemPulse™ device introduces air and mixed liquor into the bottom of the membrane modules through an "airlift effect".  The air bubbles blend with the mixed liquor and rise up into membrane fibers, providing effective scouring to the membrane surface and refresh the membrane surface to prevent solids concentration polarization.  The two-phase cross-flow reduces scour air energy dramatically.

No moving parts are added to the system, decreasing operation and maintenance costs.  Additionally, there are no mixed liquor jet laterals, which reduces installation time.  Rather, the MemPulse MBR device provides even distribution or air and mixed liquor ensures consistent operating conditions for the membrane modules.

The Envirex® biological process solutions of Orbal® and VLR® are available in different configurations customizable to fit your wastewater treatment needs including:

  • Solids reduction
  • Nitrification-denitrification
  • Phosphorus removal
  • Stormwater treatment

SmartMBR™ Controls offers capabilities unmatched by other available systems and delivers unparalleled performance enhanced by system reliability. The integration of SmartMBR Controls into the advanced wastewater treatment solution achieves:

  • Dependable process performance backed by guarantee
  • Absolute minimum power costs
  • Reliable hands-free operation and reduced operator attendance

Features and Benefits

  • Reduction in energy costs by 30-40 percent over conventional MBR processes
  • Increased effluent quality in a smaller footprint
  • Maximum automation, minimal operator requirements and guaranteed system reliability made possible by SmartMBR Controls
  • Low effluent turbidity and significantly reduced sludge yield
  • Expert process support for design and integration
  • Greater than 90 percent biosolids reduction

Our integrated MBR processes exceed:

  • Turbidity < 0.2 NTU
  • BOD < 5mg/l
  • TSS < 1mg/l
  • Nutrient removal as low as 3mg/l total nitrogen and 0.5 mg/l phosphorus when required

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MemPulse MBR System

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