Orbal® Multichannel Oxidation Ditch for Wastewater Treatment

The Orbal® multichannel oxidation ditch, as a complete mix, looped reactor system, is well-suited for conventional activated sludge, advanced secondary sludge treatment, simultaneous nitrification-denitrification, biological phosphorus removal and storm water treatment.

Orbal Multichannel Oxidation Ditch for Wastewater Treatment
Orbal Multichannel Oxidaton Ditch for Wastewater Treatment
The typical Orbal® multichannel oxidation ditch has three concentric channels.  The outer channel, where the majority of the process ‘work’ takes place, is an aerated anoxic reactor.  The DO of the second channel operates in a swing mode to vary with daily load conditions.  The last channel maintains a polishing mode removing remaining BOD and ammonia before the flow exits to final clarifiers.  The mechanical backbone is its unique aeration disc with its high oxygen transfer and unmatched mixing efficiency.

Features and Benefits of the Orbal Multichannel Oxidation Ditch

  • Process adaptability - the basin can be easily expanded to accommodate for future load conditions
  • Dual basin capability - the process can be modified to meet a wide assortment of influent conditions and effluent requirements
  • Operator convenience - complete mix characteristics and ability to operate at high MLSS concentrations combine to form a high buffer capacity for shock loads
  • Easy maintenance - only routine greasing of bearings is required; aerator discs are non-fouling  
  • Energy savings - the process requires less power to operate than any other oxidation ditch system


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