Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants

In biological packaged wastewater treatment plants, microorganisms feed on organic materials to stabilize them to reduce biological oxygen demand and suspended solids in the wastewater.

OMNIPAC® Field Erected Package Treatment Plant
OMNIPAC® SBR Field-Erected Wastewater Treatment Package Plant

In fixed growth systems, microorganisms are attached to a surface that is exposed to the water. We supply numerous systems of this type, including rotating biological contactors, trickling filters, and fixed film bioreactors.

Suspended growth refers to systems where the microorganisms are freely suspended in the water. We offer a full range of suspended growth systems, including activated sludge, sequencing batch reactors, oxidation ditches, and more.

OMNIPAC® SBR Field-Erected Wastewater Treatment Package Plants
These package plants integrate one of the industry's most advanced treatment processes into an effective and proven package system, resulting in a highly flexible and efficient treatment facility that can be operational in weeks, instead of months.  Find out how this innovative package plant system can meet your requirements. 
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Field Erected Orbal Package Plant
This steel field-erected treatment plant is pre-engineered, making for simple and fast installation. Over decades the durability of the field-erected Orbal package plant has been proven with its long-life functionality and handling capabilities in all types of climates.  
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Xpress™ Membrane Biological Reactor Packaged Plants
The Xpress™ membrane biological reactor (MBR) packaged plant is a robust wastewater treatment process with inherent features designed to reduce maintenance and provide reliable and efficient wastewater treatment and reclamation for small scale applications.      Click here to learn more.

Population Growth and Effluent Criteria drive a Chesapeake Bay Community to Retrofit Wastewater Treatment Facility

With new development occuring in the southeast region of the State of Virginia, the Hampton Roads Sanitation District was in need of upgrading the King William Wastewater Treatment Plant from 25,000 gallons per day (gpd) to 100,000 gpd.  This upgrade was challenging due to the fact the plant needed to be operational within nine months to comply with state regulations and strict effluent nutrient limits for discharging into the Chesapeake Bay watershed.   A “turnkey” contract structure was agreed upon which included the equipment supplier, engineer and contractor handling the design, procurement and start-up of the plant.   

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Xpress™ MBR Package Plant

Featured Wastewater Package Plant Systems

OMNIPAC SBR Field-Erected Package Plants
Field Erected Orbal Package Plant
Xpress Membrane Biological Reactor Package Plant  

To learn more about biological wastewater treatment click on the link below: 
Biological Wastewater Treatment

Featured Case Studies & Articles

Davco Package Treatment System Solves Seasonal Process Water Challenges at Red Gold Tomato Canning Facility
A Package Plant Approach to Decentralized Wastewater Treatment 

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