Aquatic Strantrol® Controllers

We are a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of products and technologies for aquatic facilities, including commercial and institutional pools, spas and waterparks.

Aquatic Strantrol® Controllers
Strantrol® Aquatic Controllers
Strantrol® Water Chemistry Control Systems ensure crystal-clear pool and spa water, 24-hours a day, every day of the year. Strantrol controllers deliver continuous disinfection with pinpoint accuracy by precisely controlling pH and chlorine, bromine or ozone. Strantrol controllers can easily communicate data to your PC, pager, or fax machine. You can retrieve archived information or you can be online with the controller on a real-time basis. Operators rely on more than 50,000 Strantrol controllers worldwide. Many of these controllers have been in operation for over 25 years. 

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System 3i

Pool & spa chemistry controller

Set Point NX

Basic controls for chemical balance regardless of pH, temperature or bather load

Manual Filter Controller


Impact Aquatic Management System

pH and ORP, time-based proportional controller based on load

Impact AFC

Controller with multiple set points for initiating backwash of filters

Impact Filter/Chemical

Combined filter and pool chemistry management

Impact VFD

Variable frequency drives

MG/L 5

 The Strantrol® MG/L5 has been discontinued and it's monitoring capabilities enhanced with the development of the Strantrol Impact Aquatic Management System


Level and flow sensors, sample flow chambers, injectors, calibration and diagnostics, signal converters and probe cleaning

Features and Benefits

  • Monitor and control water quality continuously around the clock
  • Automatically adjust rates at which chemicals are added
  • Make the pool sparkle while maintaining constant water quality despite changes in bather load or other conditions
  • Eliminate 90% of the work and 100% of the headaches of running a pool by hand
  • Exclusive High Resolution Redox® technology makes Strantrol ten times more accurate and reliable than any other system
  • Sensor rarely needs replacement
  • Continuous monitoring and "fine-tuning" of chemical additions prevent overdosing and maximize the effectiveness of expensive chemicals


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Aquatic Controller Products

Strantrol Pool and Spa Chemistry Controller - Setpoint NX
Strantrol Compact Analyzer and Controller
Strantrol Pool Analyzer and Controller

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