Millennium III™ Chlorine Dioxide Generators

The Millennium III™ series generators are the next generation in chlorine dioxide technology combining high performance with durability, simplicity of use and easy maintenance.  Standard Capacities range from a 1-25,000 pounds per day (11,200 kg/ day).

Millennium III C-CWS Chlorine Dioxide Generation System
Millennium III C-Auto Generator
The Millennium III Series generators combine a 25% sodium chlorite solution with chlorine gas (or 12.5% sodium hypochlorite and 15% hydrochloric acid to form chlorine in situ) under vacuum conditions to generate chlorine dioxide safely and efficiently.  Efficiency and yield is maximized by reaction of chemical reactants in their concentrated form. These reaction conditions favor the immediate formation of chlorine dioxide, thereby minimizing byproduct formation found in other types of generators.  Millennium III generators are capable of consistently producing chlorine dioxide with a yield efficiency of 95 percent based on the overall stoichiometric reaction as follows: 

2NaClO2 + Cl2 → 2ClO2 + 2NaCl


The Millennium III™ Series of Chlorine Dioxide generators are available in the following configurations:

Two and three chemical versions in a range of capacities all utilizing a standard modular design and a small installed footprint suitable for application where space is a premium.  Custom built generation systems are also available upon request.

We can generate chlorine dioxide onsite.
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