SeaCURE Ballast Water Management System


To help meet ballast water treatment management standards as outlined in the 2004 IMO Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments, Evoqua Water Technologies has developed a ballast water treatment system that provides a reliable, environmentally sound solution that is designed to protect against the proliferation of aquatic invasive species.

SeaCURE Ballast Water Management System
SeaCURE Ballast Water Management System.
The patent pending SeaCURE™ ballast water management system uses a combination of physical separation and a proprietary, on-demand treatment with biocides, produced in-situ from seawater, without the addition of chemicals. The system is based on a proven 30+ year record and over 2,500 shipboard installations of Evoqua's well-known Chloropac® biofouling control system.

The SeaCURE ballast water management system – technical principals

The SeaCURE system is based on three pillars:
  • Filtration
  • Electrochlorination
  • Demand-regulated control logic
Major functions of the filter in the SeaCURE ballast water management system are to remove or break larger organisms using a 40 micron weave wire screen, and to provide reliable, non-stop operation at high sediment loads while minimizing backwash flow. The patent pending biofouling control provided to the filter assures its reliable function and minimizes maintenance requirements of the system.

For electrochlorination, the SeaCURE ballast water mangement system uses proven technology to oxidize and eliminate aquatic invasive species (AIS) with sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl). Sodium hypochlorite has been used for many years to prevent marine growth in the seawater piping and heat transfer systems of land-based, offshore and shipboard installations. The most efficient method of hypochlorination is to produce sodium hypochlorite in-situ, electrolytically, on demand, by using Concentric Tube Electrode (CTE). This hypochlorination technology is well-known in the maritime industry as the Chloropac system by Evoqua Water Technologies.

Proprietary control logic of the SeaCURE ballast water management system monitors the chlorine dose level necessary to provide the required efficacy. Biocide dosing level is variable and depends on ballast water conditions – the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics that, cumulatively, is called chlorine demand.

The SeaCURE ballast water management system provides a technical solution designed to comply with International Maritime Organization (IMO) Convention D-2 regulations for ballast water management. 

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SeaCURE Ballast Water Management System Advantages:

  • Treatment only on intake
  • In-situ biocide generation
  • Flexible footprint 
  • Dose on demand 
  • Biofouling protected ballast water filter 
  • Low energy requirements 
  • Optional dual-purpose operation – ballast water treatment in port and biofouling control for seawater circuits during voyage

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Video: SeaCURE ballast water management system

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