Pressure Transducer, Model 221

Pressure Transducers for water, wastewater and process applications.

The Model 221 (A300) family of transmitters senses changes in pressure in closed piping systems or changes in water level in open sumps or tanks.  Operating within a factory-calibrated range in PSIG or feet of water, the A300 transducers provide stable conversion of sensed pressures to standard instrumentation signals.

Features and Benefits

  • Pressure range: 0-5, 0-15, 0-30, 0-75, 0-150, 0-200 PSI
  • Non-interactive coarse and fine span and offset.
  • Spannable down to 15% of element range.
  • Transient and environmentally protected electronics.
  • Accurate/stable performance


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A300 Spec Control Systems

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