Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Most modern water and wastewater processes are controlled by sophisticated computer-based systems.

Our Control Systems group is the leader in providing such systems, from sensors, meters and controllers, to telemetry and complete SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems for full plant or process control. Our capabilities include SIMATIC PCS7 process control system. This uniquely scalable architecture, powerful engineering tools and comprehensive asset management capabilities allow you to operate a plant more cost-effectively and efficiently over the entire life cycle, from design and engineering, installation and commissioning to operation, maintenance and modernization We also supply systems for monitoring the effectiveness of biological, disinfection, and other treatment systems.

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Case Study: City of Meriden, Connecticut Saves Time and Money with New Control System

Proving high quality drinking water for a city of 59,000 people is a challenge in itself.  Retrofitting the controls and instrumentation for six water treatment plants and 13 remote stations, and tying them all together is an even greater challenge.  The City of Meriden, Connecticut, Water Division, was facing this task in April 2001. 

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