Telemetry Systems and Remote Telemetry Units (RTU)

Most modern water and wastewater processes are controlled by sophisticated computer-based systems.  Telemetry has become indispensable for water management applications, including water quality, distribution and stream gauging functions.

Telemetry for effortless communication and control
Telemetry Systems and Remote Telemetry Units
A remote terminal unit is a micro-processor controlled electronic device which interfaces with a distributed control system (SCADA system) by transmitting telemetry data to the system.

Our Control Systems group is the leader in providing such systems, from sensors, meters and controllers, to telemetry and complete SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems for full plant or process control. We also supply systems for monitoring the effectiveness of biological, disinfection, and other treatment systems.

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Telemetry Systems Case Study

City of Meridan, Connecticut Saves Time and Money With New Control Systems

Proving high quality drinking water for a city of 59,000 people is a challenge in itself.  Retrofitting the controls and instrumentation for six water treatment plants and 13 remote stations, and tying them all together is an even greater challenge.  The City of Meriden, Connecticut, Water Division, was facing this task in April 2001.

  • The water plats and remote stations had limited monitorig and and control capabiities. 
  • The newer treatment faciities used motor control centers or analog controls, while older treatment plants, remote pump stations, storage tanks, and metering facilities were manually controlled. 
  • Operators had to drive to a facility to solve problems. 
  • Effluent water quality data from the filters and water usage data had to be collected at each individual plant. 
  • Record keeping and daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports were prepared manually.
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Telemetry Systems Case Study

Featured Telemetry Systems Products and Services

Link2Site Control System
LC2000 Product
Telemetry Unit
LC150 Pump Control Telemetry Unit 
WS2000 Intralink DS-CS
Intra-Link® LC3000 Logic Controller
Systems Integration (SCADA)

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