Cartridge Filters and Accessories

Cartridge Filtration uses the filtration technology of removing solid matter and suspended impurities from a fluid stream by passing it through a variety microporous filters, ultrafiltration units, greensand cartridge filters, activated carbon cartridge filters, diatomaceous earth and multimedia cartridge filters. Evoqua's cartridge filters come in a variety sizes, capabilities and end caps for all your filtration applications.

Cartridge Filters and Accessories
Cartridge filters use a variety of media to remove contaminants, depending on your application. The filter media in our cartridge filters encompass a wide range from sand, anthracite and quartz to conditioned media for iron and manganese removal, and activated carbon. 

Evoqua's cartridge filters range in style from particulate and high purity water cartridge filters, to activated carbon filters, vent cartridge filters and replacement cartridge filters for laboratory usage. Our cartridge filters are available in a wide variety of sizes, capabilities, and specific end caps. 

They have high contaminant holding capabilities and are used in particulate filtration and pre-filtration water applications such as portable deionization, electrodeionization and reverse osmosis. Vent filters are used in water storage tanks. 

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Accessories for your water applications:
Filter Housings for Your Filter Cartridges
UV Sterilizers
Booster Pumps
Water Storage Tanks
Laboratory Water Replacement Filter Cartridges 
Water Test Kits
Water Quality Meters
UV Sterilizers
Pressure Gauges

We also have the expert Water Treatment Services that will help your system run steadily and efficiently

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Cartridge Filters and Accessories Case Study

Boiler Feed Water Treatment Facility Optimized For A Kentucky Refinery

A refinery in Kentucky was experiencing difficulties with the quality and quantity of water from their existing water treatment system. With 18 filters, 10 softeners, a deaerating heater and a reverse osmosis system with pre-filters, plant personnel were overwhelmed with maintenance issues.  Some of the refinery’s specific challenges were post-precipitation in the filters, lime sludge had entered the filters because of a past clarifier upset and filter media had passed through the filters into the softeners.

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Cartridge Filters and Accessories Case Study

Cartridge Filters and Accessories Products and Services

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Activated Carbon Cartridge Filters
Filter Cartridge, Granulated Activated Carbon  
Filter Cartridge, Pulverized Carbon

Particulate Cartridge Filters
Filter Cartridge, DI GARD™ String Wound Prefiltration
Filter Cartridge, ROGARD™ Graded Density Polypropylene Media Filter Cartridge
Filter Cartridge, Prepure DP Graded Density Polypropylene Media
Filter Cartridge, NT Series Graded Pore Polypropylene Depth
Filter Cartridge, Postpure PP Graded Density Polypropylene Depth Media
Filter Cartridge, NA Series Absolute Rated Polypropylene Depth Filter
Filter Cartridge, WE Series, Pleated Polysulfone Membrane
Filter Cartridge, WN Series Pleated Polysulfone Membrane
Filter Cartridge, VH Series Pleated PES Media Pharmaceutical Grade
Filter Cartridge, UF Series Hollow Fiber Polysulfone Media

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High Purity Cartridge Filters
Point-of-Use High Purity Water Filtration Capsule Filters
Replacement Cartridges for Laboratory Water Purification Systems

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Vent Cartridge Filters
Filter Cartridge, Hydrophopic PTFE Media Vent Capsule
Filter Cartridge, EA Series Hydrophobic Polypropylene Media Vent Filter 
Filter Cartridge, VA Series Hydrophobic PTFE Validated Membrane
Filter Cartridge, VP Series Hydrophobic PTFE Validated Media

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Specialty Cartridge Filters 
Bag Filtration
Oil Adsorption Filter Cartridge for Process Water
Replacement Cartridges for Laboratory Water Purification Systems

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