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Evoqua Water Technologies is the largest user and supplier of ion exchange resin in North America. We inventory our own USF™ ion exchange resins, as well as resins from leading manufacturers. This allows us to provide our customers with quick delivery from one of our regional distribution and stocking locations. We have replacement resin for you - when and where you need it!

Ion Exchange Resins are designed for specific water applications
The selection, application and supply of ion exchange resin is critical to the performance of your water treatment system.  Our USF ion exchange resins are produced by the leading manufacturers to meet our stringent, performance based specifications. These standards are higher than those currently used by the manufacturers in testing their own products. This assures that USF resin are the highest quality product and also, most competitively priced.

In addition to stocking our own resins, we also inventory resin from the leading manufacturers at our 6 regional resin distribution locations.  And, we also offer customized high purity resin processing and blending for specialty applications  

Evoqua has also assembled a range of resin support services that help customers get the most out of their system investment.  We offer services including laboratory testing, replacement/installation, cleaning and resin re-conditioned for extended life.  Learn more about our full range of Ion Exchange Resin Services.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior quality - tested to meet stringent performance specifications.
  • Strict QA/QC control of our select manufacturers based on their ability to meet performance specifications consistently
  • Competitive price with lower operating and life cycle costs
  • Equal to or better performance for the dosage
  • Process performance guarantees available
  • Extensive technical resin application support
  • Annual resin analysis - no charge
  • Custom packaging to meet your volume needs
  • Certificates of Analysis, Certificates of Conformance and Shelf Life statements are available

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Product Documentation

Resin Cross-Reference Chart
Aftermarket Products and Service Brochure
Resin Products and Services

Technical Data Sheets:  Learn more about Ion Exchange Resin
See Short Video on our Propriatary Resin Processing

Cation Ion Exchange Resins
Cation, 8% Gel, Model C-211 H
Cation, 8% Gel, Model_ C-211 NA
Cation, 20% Macroporous, Model_ C-381H
Cation, 20% Macroporous, Model_C-381 NA
Cation, 10% Gel, Model_C-361H
Cation, 10 % Gel, Model_C-361NA

Anion Resins
Anion, Macroporous Type II, Model_A-674 OH
Anion, Macroporous Type l, Model_ A-674CL
Anion, Gel Type 1, Model_A-284 OH
Anion, Gel Type l, Model_ A-284 CL
Anion, Gel Type II, Model_ A-244 OH
Anion, Gel Type ll, Model_ A-244 CL
Anion, Gel Type l Porous, Model_A-464 OH
Anion, Gel Type 1 Porous, Model_ A-464 CL

Electronics Grade:  Cation Resins
Cation, 10% Gel, Model C_373 MEG
Cation, 20% Macroporous, Model_C-381SG H
Cation, 8% Gel, Model C-211 SG H
Cation, 10% Gel, Model_C-361 MEG

Electronics Grade:  Anion Resins
Anion , Type 1 Porous Gel, Model_A-254 MEG
Anion, Gel Type l Porous, Model_A-464 MEG

Electronics Grade:  Mixed Bed Resins
Mixed Bed, Model_NR-6SG
Mixed Bed, Model NR-30MEG
Mixed Bed, Model_NR-30 MEG PPQ

Pharmaceutical/Food and Beverage:  Cation Resins
Cation, 8% Gel, C-211 XRR H 

Pharmaceutical/Food and Beverage:  Anion Resins
Anion, Type 1 Porous Gel, Model A-464 XRR OH

Parts & Services

Learn About: 
Replacement Ion Exchange Resins
Re-Conditioning Resins
Resin Laboratory Analysis
Custom Resin Processing for High Purity Water Needs


Looking for resin that consistently meets the most stringent performance evaluations?  Learn more about USF™ Resins.

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