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Resin is used in ion exchange systems for water and wastewater treatment. We  are the largest distributor of ion exchange resin in North America and a major international distributor. 

Ion Exchange Resin
Ion Exchange Resin

Evoqua is a leader in developing new technologies and applications for resin. We work closely with the leading resin manufacturers to improve existing product quality and to develop new products to meet changing application needs. Our experience in ion exchange technology spans greater than 80 years and is backed by a rich history of businesses recognized as leaders in the water treatment industry.

For specialty resin applications, we offer customized high-purity processing and blending to meet FDA requirements for the food and beverage, and pharmaceutical markets.

Evoqua Ion Exchange Resin Benefits  

  • Same day shipment of stocked resins
  • Regional resin distribution/stocking centers
  • Customized packaging and delivery options
  • Performance Evaluation and Optimization
  • 24/7 customer service
  • 85+ sales and service branches throughout North America and Canada

We offer catalysis resin, chemical resin testing and regeneration, chelation resin, chromatography resin, and resins for water softening, wastewater treatment and mercury removal.

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 Improved Mixed Bed Performance with Proprietary Resin Processing

Ion Exchange Resin Applications:
Arsenic Removal From Groundwater

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For more information about cation, anion, and specialty resins, contact the Information Desk, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Standard Time: 1.866.926.8420 or 1.724.772.1402 or

Cation, Anion, and Specialty Ion Exchange Resin Case Study

Microelectronic Customers Benefit From MEG PPQ Resin

Customers needed an economic resin change out with a short rinse up requirement to below detection levels on ionic constituents and with TOC levels below feed levels.  With the requirements for maximum uptime and low risk on putting new resins on-line, Evoqua upgraded its MEG resins.

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Cation, Anion, and Specialty Ion Exchange Resin Case Study

Featured Cation, Anion, and Specialty Ion Exchange Resin Products and Services

SCU Specialty Media for Trace Metal Removal
Industrial Process Water Ion Exchange Resin
Ion Exchange Resin for Industrial Applications

Compare Ion Exchange Resins

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Improved Mixed Bed Performance with Proprietary Resin Processing (Flash)

Product Documentation
Resin Products and Services

Ion Exchange Resin Applications

Drinking Water Treatment
Drinking Water Mercury Removal
Groundwater Remediation
Wastewater Treatment

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