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VNX Modules
The Ionpure VNX modules are designed for high flowrate systems where larger CEDI flowrate stacks make system assembly simpler and less cost. Typical industries that use VNX modules are microelectronics, power generation and bulk deionization.

LX Modules

The Ionpure LX modules are specifically designed for industrial applications. Ionpure modules consistently deliver maximum reliability and superior performance for power, HPI/CPI, general electronics, food and beverage and laboratory applications without regeneration downtime.

MX Modules

The Ionpure MX Series CEDI modules deliver superior performance for laboratory and lower flow process applications. MX modules are an ideal complement for light industrial, commercial & laboratory RO systems that are wall mounted or housed in a cabinet.

DC Power Controllers
Ionpure DC VPCB power controllers are designed specifically to provide DC power to CEDI modules. Ionpure controllers allow for individual power control to EACH CEDI module. Using this type of power supply gives operators the ability to optimize power consumption and performance for the entire system.

Legacy Products
Compact and H Series Modules as well as retrofit options for existing Compact, H and P Series.

Available accessories for Ionpure modules include: display boards, patch cables, tools / test kits, piping adapters and hoses, and electrical kits.

New - VNX30-CDIT CEDIT Module

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