Deionized Water

Deionized Water Bottles require no maintenance, no chemical handling and no system installation. Well designed down to the last detail – the latest generation of ion exchangers.


Purchasing deionized water bottles from Siemens is a safe and economical way to obtain consistent high purity water for your potable feed water. Our reliable bottles consist of activated carbon and ion exchange resin contained in portable tanks that connect directly to your drinking water supply.  With our deionized bottles, there is no major capital investment and since regeneration is performed off-site, there is no storage or handling of hazardous chemicals required on-site.  And, Siemens service deionization also reduces consumption of water and energy resources which reduces operating costs.

IX Media
The selection of proper ion exchange media is critical for optimum system performance and keeping operating costs down.   Our quality control specialists carefully pretest and select resin lots that meet our stringent QA/QC requirements, assuring that the deionization vessels which arrive onsite provide you with the highest quality and quantity of water throughput.

These deionizers are developed with a ingenious flow path that reaches into every corner of the container. This ensures a maximum water production rate with minimum resin consumption – a highly efficient use of the resin.


  • SG-700:  This mixed bed deionizer has a plastic housing and is meant for non-pressurized operation for small daily quantities. This is the least expensive version available, and includes a conductivity meter and a hose set. A wall bracket is available.
  • SG-2000 to SG-6200:  These high quality stainless steel deionizers can be operated at pressures up to 10 bar. We optimized the water flow to make sure the resin bed can be used to its full capacity. Product comes with conductivity meter and hose connection.
  • SG-7000 to SG-15000: These deionizers are designed to meet larger demands for deionized water, as in Industrial applications. Water distribution is optimized to ensure make the resin bed can be used to its full capacity.  The complete version comes with a conductivity electrode, conductivity meter and hose set.


Read our Deionized Water Brochure for more info.


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Product Documentation

Deionized Water Brochure 

Markets of Use

-Laboratory Work
-Power Plants
-Glass Industry
-Plating Industry
-Food Service