Water Purification System Accessories

Optimize space, remove lingering contaminants, observe your water flow remotely, store your water and analyze TOC with any of our lab water purification accessories.

Purelab Accessories

New Biofilter:
New point-of-use filter provides endotoxin free water with lower TOC levels.  It is used in applications where endotoxins can alter the outcome of your research.

Like standard .2 micron filters, this new Biofilter provides the same bacterial specifications but with the added advantages of endotoxin free water. 

Product documentation
 Endotoxin removal using LC197 Biofilter (PDF)
 LC197 Product Information and Specifications

LC197 Biofilter can be used with the PURELAB® systems as well as other high purity lab water systems. Even systems that feature an ultrafilter can benefit from this biofilter by decreasing the chance of contaminants entering at point-of-use.

Comparison of Biofilter with Competitor Filter

   PURELAB® Option Q w/LC197  Millipore Direct Q® with equivalent Millipore Filter
 Endotoxin  < 0.001 EU/ml  < 0.01 EU/ml
 RNase  < 0.002 ng/ml  < 0.003 ng/ml
 DNase  < 0.02 pg/µl  NA, spec reads <4pg/ml
 Bacteria  < 0.1 CFU/ml  < 1 CFU/ml
 Expected Life   90 days   90 days

Remote Water Dispensers
Remote water dispensers extend the range and flexibility of pure water dispensing without compromising water quality. Remote dispense stations keep water purification systems, monitors and dispensers out of the way with wall-mounting kits

PURELAB® Water System Dispense Guns:
Precision dispense guns offer fingertip control over the complete flow range from 2 liters per hour to drop-by-drop. Integral dispense gun (bench-top) provides an extended reach of 1 meter.

Polypropylene Faucets: designed for easy dispensing of deionized or distilled water where high purity water is required. Polypropylene reduces the risk of bacteria. Available in countertop or wall mounted style.

Polypropylene Carboys:  Storage for high purity water in 2.5 or 5 gallon sizes. Front spigot for easy usage.

Docking Vessels: Designed to accommodate the PURELAB® Ultra, Option, Prima and MEDICA® water purification systems. Save space with one, integral unit for system and reservoir.  

Water Storage Reservoirs: Save bench space - fully wall-mountable 

TOC Analyzer: Stand alone unit that can be used with any lab water purification system, that does not have a built-in tic analyzer

Replacement Cartridges / Consumables: 
Replacement cartridges for all brands of laboratory Water systems, but with more resin capacity and thus longer life.    Click here to order consumables online.


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