Memtek® Microfiltration Systems

The Memtek® Microfiltration System incorporates proprietary crossflow tubular membranes which remove precipitated contaminants and produce a high quality filtrate suitable for discharge or further treatment.

Memtek Microfiltration System

The  tubular polymeric microfiltration systems are skid-mounted and factory assembled.  The factory assembly, including skid wiring and testing, assures for easy reassembly and installation.

The tubular membranes are designed for very high solids loadings and can operate with up to 2.0 to 5.0 weight percent solids. The KYNAR® membrane is very chemically inert so it can withstand pH ranges from 0.0 to 14.0 standard units.

The rugged membranes are non-plugging, abrasive and chlorine resistant. All materials in contact with the wastewater or cleaning solutions are either PVC, polyethylene, stainless steel or other corrosion resistant materials.

The membrane provides for an absolute barrier to the passage of solids and therefore is capable of removing metals (and other contaminants) to their solubility limits. This also results in the removal of most colloids and therefore provides a filtrate that exhibits a very low SDI, making the filtrate a perfect feed for a reverse osmosis unit or other polishing technology.

A fully automatic backpulse mechanism is included to periodically cause a reverse flow of filtrate across the membrane, dislodging contaminants and allowing the high velocity flow to sweep them away. The backpulse prolongs the on-line cycles and reduces the cleaning requirements.

Each system is supplied fully assembled with all necessary equipment for operation, including a piped-in-place cleaning system, which includes two tanks and a dedicated cleaning pump.

Units are designed for automatic operation and can be supplied with an  automated cleaning cycle if required.

Features and Benefits

  • PVDF (KYNAR®) membrane provides excellent chemical resistance and long life
  • Tubular design allows for high solids loading
  • Piped-in-place cleaning system is standard on all units
  • Units are skid-mounted