Microfiltration Membrane Systems

Microfiltration systems from Evoqua offer a cost effective and sustainable solution for water, wastewater and reuse applications.  With decades of R&D devoted to polymeric microfiltration membranes, microfiltration systems engineering, and thousands of installations, you can rely on Evoqua for your most demanding liquid separation and purification needs using microfiltration.

Microfiltration systems like this treat wastewater reliably and economically
Microfiltration systems like this treat wastewater reliably and economically

Microfiltration technology has proven effective and highly reliable for many water and wastewater applications.  Compared to more conventional filtration technologies, microfiltration systems have higher capacities in the same if not smaller foot print.  Microfiltration is ideal for applications that require consistent and reliable effluent quality day in and day out.

For RO pretreatment applications, microfiltration assures reliably low SDI values to protect the RO membranes.  For wastewater applications, microfiltration delivers predictable and consitently high-quality effluent to meet discharge regulations.  Use of microfiltration on wastewater systems makes it possible to recover either solids or liquids for recycle and reuse.

Microfiltration Membrane Systems:
MemPulse™ Immersed Microfiltration Membrane Bioreactor System
Memtek® Membrane Microfiltration System
Xpress™ Packaged Microfiltration Biological Reactors
Forty-X™ Microfiltration Disc Filter System
Microfiltration Cartridge Filters and Accessories

Industrial Microfiltration Applications:
Microfiltration Membranes Remove Dissolved Metals from Wastewater
Power Station Saves Big with Containerized Mobile Microfiltration System
Company Complies With Local Regulations Using Microfiltration and More...
Reuse:  Industrial Applications Using Microfiltration as RO Pretreatment

Municipal Microfiltration Applications:
Largest Microfiltration Plant in the World for Potable Water Treatment
Midwest City Cleans Water With Membrane Microfiltration
Middle East gets First MEMCOR® Microfiltration Plant
First Municipally Owned & Operated Microfiltration Plant in British Columbia
Microfiltration System Maximizes Water Resources for the City of Scottsdale, Arizona

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