MEMCOR® CP - Ultrafiltration System

Pressurized Membrane Filtration System

Keep it simple and achieve the lowest treated water cost. The MEMCOR® CP system is a pressurized, pre-engineered membrane system with a modular "building block" configuration which simplifies design, operation and reduces installation costs.  MEMCOR CP systems are available in configurations containing up to 960 L20 ultrafiltration modules in one unit, and fit in potable water and wastewater reuse applications as well as pretreatment to RO, desalination or industrial water treatment processes.  

Evoqua recently introduced a new family of MEMCOR ultrafiltration modules, representing the latest advancements in membrane technology.  This enhanced PVDF membrane is 20-25% more permeable and translates into lower TMPs, thus using less energy reducing ownership costs. 

Today, MEMCOR CP systems process over 450 million gallons of water per day throughout the world and can be used for disnfection by-product applications for organic reduction.    

MEMCOR CP Systems provide:

  • Bacteria and protazoa > 6-log removal
  • 0.04 micron pore size fiber
  • Up to 30% flow increase in same footprint compared to other MF/UF systems
  • Up to 30% reduction in pumping energy compared to other pressurized MF/UF systems
  • Up to 98% overall system recovery (based on surface water testing)
  • Silt Density Index (SDI) less than 3.0 and turbidity less than 0.01 NTU

Features and Benefits


  • Closed, encased system
  • Individual module isolation
  • Pre-loaded membrane modules
  • Interchangeable components



  • High capacity in one skid
  • Reduced valves, piping
  • Reduced design and installation time
  • Easy to install, operate and expand


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