Circular Clarifiers Offer a Proven Solution for Wastewater Treatment

Circular clarification is one of the most popular and proven processes used to treat contaminants for removal in wastewater. While some systems settle solids out of the liquid stream by gravity, others use flotation methods to float the solids to the top to be skimmed away.

Circular Clarifier for Wastewater Treatment
For removing particles and reducing total suspended solids (TSS) to low levels, Evoqua Water Technologies offers circular clarifiers in virtually any size and configuration, including modular units for small and intermediate-sized applications.  These efficient, compact units are designed to minimize installed costs.

Circular Clarifier Case Study 

Rim-Flo® Clarifier at Neuse River WWTP

The Raleigh, NC treatment plant is a conventional activated sludge plant with both diffused air and jet aeration. Although their clarifiers were operating very well, the plant wanted to determine the performance characteristics of one of the large-diameter Rim-Flo® clarifiers under normal and high flow conditions, with particular emphasis on the overall hydraulic characteristics.

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Rim-Flo® Circular Clarifier at Neuse River WWTP

Featured Circular Clarifier Systems

Envirex® High Performance Clarifier
Envirex Floc-Clarifier System
Tow-Bro® Unitube Sludge Removal System
Envirex Gravity Thickeners for Sludge Handling 

Additional Clarifier Technology

Rectangular Clarifiers

Upgrade and Retrofit Solutions

Increase Clarifier Capacity and Efficiency with a FEDWA Upgrade
Riser-Bro™ Retrofits for Circular Secondary Clarifiers

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