Traveling Water Screens

Traveling water screens are designed to remove trash, sticks, and other debris from surface water sources such as rivers and lakes before entering a drinking water treatment plant.  Power plants also use a very large amount of surface water for cooling, and are required to protect the lives of fish by using special fish screens.

Intake Screens
Traveling Water Screen Design
Traveling water screens take many forms—from simple to more sophisticated automated screens that have self cleaning features. Some are designed as coarse screens for removal of large floating debris like sticks, trash and plastic; fine screens are capable of removing finer suspended materials.  Some screens are configured to safely prevent fish from entering water intake systems.

Evoqua Water Technologies offers a variety of raw water intake screens to meet every application, including drinking water plants, power plants, paper mills, and cooling and boiler feed water systems. 

We have been supplying raw water screening equipment since 1890. Our Rex® and Link-Belt® brands are known throughout the world as the premium names in debris removal for power plants, municipal drinking water intakes and other screening applications.

Some of our technologies include:
  • Traveling water screens
  • Fine and coarse screens
  • Fish screens
  • Screen repair and replacement services

Evoqua also provides pilot treatment systems and analytical testing to document the efficacy of treatment prior to installation. We also provide parts and service on all of our equipment, as well as equipment that may have been provided by other manufacturers.

Traveling Water Screens Case Study

Innovative Water Intake Screening Equipment Protects Fish at Power Plant Facility

When Con Edison Development began working with its affiliate, Newington Energy, LLC, in October 2000 to design a new 525-megawatt gas- and oil-fired combined cycle power plant in Newington, New Hampshire, the company wanted to make sure the cooling intake structure for the new plant met Best Technology Available (BTA) requirements.  Meeting these requirements would ensure compliance with future U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

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Traveling Water Screens Case Study

Featured Traveling Water Screen Products

Center Flow Screens
Rex® Modified Ristroph Fish Screen
Dual Flow Traveling Water Screen
Through Flow Screen
Grab Style Trash Rake

Aftermarket Parts and Service

Intake Diving Services
Traveling Water Screen Parts
Traveling Water Screen Rebuilds

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