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Digesters and Gas Storage
Filter Press
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Sludge and Biosolids Processing

Digesters and Gas Storage

Anaerobic sludge digestion technologies. Evoqua is known for its capability to provide a full scope of anaerobic digestion process equipment, in addition to design and system sizing expertise.

Belt Filter Press Technologies

Evoqua provides a wide range of belt filter presses for continuous dewatering, from the most technologically advanced belt press in the world today - the Dynamic Radial Wedge Belt Press - to the simple and compact design of the Compact Belt Press.

Composting System Technologies

Composting system technologies from Evoqua Water Technologies.

Filter Press Technologies

From high solids mineral processing applications to conventional industrial waste sludges, to lime softening residuals, we have a filter press to meet your dewatering needs.

Gravity Thickening Technologies

We offer alum sludge thickening, dissolved air flotation (DAF) thickening, gravity thickening, lime sludge thickening, mechanical and rotary drum thickening.

Sludge Drying Technologies

Thermal drying is a process for the reduction of the volume of wet solid products, by removing the moisture and achieving dry solids concentration over 90%.

Biosolids Solids Reduction Technologies

The need for solids reduction is becoming more evident as the volume of generated wastewater solids is growing and many local governments are choosing to dispose of the nutrient-rich solids through burial in landfills or incineration.