Dystor® Digester Gas Holder Systems

The Dystor® system is a digester gas holder design that uses a dome-shaped, engineered membrane system to store methane gas, provide for sludge storage and prevent odors.

Dystor Gas Holder
The Dystor® system includes two durable membranes.  The outer membrane is cable restrained and remains inflated in a fixed position.  The inner membrane moves freely as it stores or releases gas generated from the anaerobic digestion process.  A preset operating pressure is continuously maintained between the two membranes.  This system can hold up to three times as much gas as conventional digester covers and consequently maximizes the energy benefits of the process, as well as the cost savings.

Since the system is manufacturer installed, customers are provided a single point contact for all coordination, service and support. This results in shorter online start up times and lower cost.

With over 24 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of Dystor® systems, customers can be assured of a gas storage solution that provides the highest return on investment of any digester available.

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Features and Benefits

  • Free membrane cover is designed for secondary digesters or anaerobic sludge storage tanks.  It provides the greatest volume of air chamber displacement for gas storage and sludge variation.
  • Separate gas storage units mount directly on a concrete foundation ring.  It is employed when only gas storage is desired and is substantially less costly than a high pressure gas storage sphere and does not require the use of compressors.
  • High gas take off is designed for active primary digesters which have the potential for foaming.  The high location of the gas take-off makes it difficult for the foam to reach the gas piping. 


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Dystor® Gas Holder Systems

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Dystor® Installation Increases Gas Storage Capacity, Resulting in Significant Cost Savings for the City of Eau Claire, WI. 


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