Gravity Belt Thickener

Our Gravity Belt Thickener is designed to deliver higher solids at efficient operating costs, adding value to your biosolids dewatering strategy.

Gravity Belt Thickener

The Gravity Belt Thickener (GBT) is a low power, high capacity thickening device designed to operate in continuous, high throughput applications. 

A few of the features included to maximize performance and minimize maintenance are:
- Replaceable plow shoes.
- Pneumatically actuated rack and pinion tensioning.
- Variable speed drive motor.

Available in 1.2, 2, 3, and 4-meter belt width designs, the GBT can process a wide range of sludges, flows and solids concentration.

 A Sernagiotto Technology

Features and Benefits

gravity belt thickener plows


  • Large filtration area.
  • Replaceable plow shoes.
  • Unique plow design.
  • "Interference fit" roller construction.
  • VFD drive system.
  • Pneumatic tensioning and tracking system.
  • Rugged I-beam frame construction.
  • PLC controls with Operator Interface Terminal (OIT).


  • Large filtration area provides better performance and maximum throughput.
  • Replaceable plow shoes reduce maintenance cost since the entire plow assembly does not have to be replaced when worn.
  • High efficiency plow design greatly accelerates the rate of drainage allowing for higher throughput.
  • Unique “interference fit” roller construction completely eliminates roller failures and costly downtime.
  • VFD drive provides accurate belt speed control and minimizes energy consumption.
  • Pneumatic tensioning and tracking system eliminates the mess and problems with hydraulic systems, assures even belt tension and accurate belt tracking.
  • Rugged hot dipped galvanized frame assures long life under harsh operating conditions.
  • Automated control system minimizes operator requirements and provides the ability to monitor operation from the plant SCADA system.

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Optional Cover: The Gravity Belt Thickener is designed to accept an optional cover or a complete enclosure for odor control.  Other features and/or modifications are available to meet the requirements of your specific application.