Service Deionization (SDI)

Service deionization (SDI) is a convenient, safe and economical means to produce high-purity deionized water. Portable SDI units require no system installation, no chemical handling, and no maintenance.

SDI Tanks
Portable SDI tanks eliminate on-site chemical storage and handling.

Unlike permanent-bed deionizers, Service Deionization (SDI) does not require system installation, chemical handling, waste neutralization or maintenance by you.

When resins in the tanks exhaust, our local service representatives replace the tanks with freshly regenerated tanks - so you have a constant supply of high-purity water without chemicals brought into your facility.

Our technical support and service team work with our customers to determine what system configuration best suits their current and future needs. Design flexibility sets our SDI systems apart from other deionization options. 

Components for each system are selected based on the customer's specific requirements. For water quality greater than 1 megohm-cm, where large volumes of water are required, an SDI system typically includes a carbon tank followed by cation, anion and two mixed-bed tanks in series.

SDI can be used to meet high purity water requirements in laboratories, as well as for hemodialysis, microelectronics and general industrial applications.

Our factory-trained. local service technicians deliver tanks, install and maintain the equipment. Freshly regenerated tanks are quality tested to meet rigid quality control standards. 

For medical applications, our tanks are regenerated in FDA-registered facilities in accordance with QSR/GMP requirements. 

With Evoqua you receive a high quality, economical product, backed by the largest  service network in the industry.


Features and Benefits

  • No major capital investment required 
  • No hazardous chemicals stored or handled on customer site
  • Factory-trained service reps deliver, install and maintain the equipment
  • SDI capacity can be increased or decreased with ease
  • Quantity and quality of water is guaranteed
  • Each service vessel is chemically sanitized prior to refill
  • Tank traceability


Flex-Trex Deionization Units
In certain instances our Flex-Trex may be an economical alternative to SDI bottles. The rugged design, small footprint, and ability to treat high flow rates, make these ideal for many applications.
Flex-Trex Information

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