Condensate Polishing Ion Exchange Resin Regeneration - Offsite

Off-site Regeneration Services allow customers to reduce overall operating costs with improved manpower utilization and reduced regeneration frequency, improve onsite and personnel safety with the elimination of chemical storage and handling and limit environmental liability associated with wastewater discharge.

Condensate Resin Service Vehicle
Delivery of off-site regenerated resin to customer site

During a power plant's steam generating process, the steam cools and condensate forms. The condensate is collected and then becomes a source for boiler feedwater as its blended with make-up, typically in a deaerating heater.  Prior to reuse, the condensate must be purified or "polished", to remove impurities which have the potential to cause damage to the power plant boilers, steam generators, reactors and turbines. Both dissolved (ex. silica oxides) and suspended matter (ex. iron oxide particulate), as well as other contaminants which can cause corrosion and maintenance issues are effectively removed by condensate polishing treatment. 

Condensate polishers are typically deep bed ion exchange, resin-based systems.  When the exchange capacity of the resin is exhausted, the "spent" resin must be regenerated with chemicals and water to recover the capacity of the resin to allow it to again meet the specified effluent water quality of the condensate system. This process can be performed on-site or off-site. 

In recent years, the use of off-site regeneration for existing condensate polishing plants as well as designing new plants for off-site regeneration has gained increased interest.  

Evoqua Water Technologies (Evoqua)
 is a worldwide leader in resin regeneration services.  Our extensive service network, strategically located regeneration facilities and state of the art laboratory services allow Evoqua to serve its large North American customer base quickly and effectively.

Off-site Regeneration Services of customer or Evoqua-owned condensate polishing resins allow customers to reduce overall operating costs, reduce the use of man-power for non-core plant operations requirements, reduce and simplify the collection and treatment of wastewaters, reduce or eliminate the need for acid/caustic distribution and storage, reduce or eliminate environmental concerns with discharge of regenerant waters and decrease the required frequency of regenerations in your process.

Trained technicians remove spent resin and replace with regenerated resin, processed in our off-site regeneration facilities, using company-owned sluicing trailers.  Site requirements include clear ingress/egress to/from equipment, the supply of DI water and clean, dry air for the transfer of resin as well as collection of transfer water for disposal.

Regeneration of resin at an Evoqua off-site regeneration facility allows for greater control of the process, improved resin separation, reduced cross-contamination of cation/anion resins and greater regeneration quality than can typically be achieved by on-site equipment.  Additionally, the resin is monitored and analyzed for condition as received, condition after regeneration, historical degradation and fouling each time it is processed.  Strict monitoring and maintenance of your critical resin asset allows your process to operate at greater efficiency and reduced overall cost.


Features and Benefits

Off-site condensate resin regeneration offers the following key benefits when compared with On-site regeneration: 

  • Reduced operating expense
  • Longer run length between regenerations
  • Improved manpower usage - stay focused on core business
  • Improved safety - reduction/elimination of acid/caustic storage and handling
  • Environmental compliance - no regenerant wastewater discharge 

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Condensate Polishing Offsite Resin Regeneration Service (pdf)

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