Ion Exchange Resin Laboratory Testing Services

Evoqua Water Technologies owns and operates a state-of-the-art ion exchange resin testing laboratory.  Periodic laboratory testing and analysis of your ion exchange resin is recommended to ensure optimum performance from your water or wastewater treatment system.

Testing Resin
Ion Exchange Resin Performance and Quality Testing From Siemens

Ion Exchange resin testing helps determines the quality of your resin and can help to diagnose your water and wastewater system's operating problems.  Periodic testing of your resin helps to ensure that your system continues to operate optimally and efficiently.

Testing of your resin begins with gathering a sample.  Evoqua can either provide you with a resin sample kit for gathering the sample using your own site personnel, or if you prefer, we can also arrange for a service technician from one of our local branches to assist in the sampling process. 

In addition, Evoqua can also provide expert evaluation of new ion exchange products for your conventional and special liquid processing applications.

Standard Laboratory Resin Testing offered:

  • Ion Chromatography for both routine anion analysis in water and special analytical needs
  • Metal analysis by AA (atomic absorption) and ICP (inductively coupled plasma) spectroscopy
  • Moisture analysis of resin by microwave drying
  • Resin particle sizing
  • Spectro photometric equipment
  • TOC (total organic carbon)
  • Wet chemicals methods

 Additional Resin Tests We Can Perform:

  • Cleanup Procedure - Anion Resin (Includes Total and Salt Split Capacities) 
  • Cleanup Procedure - Cation Resin (Includes Total Capacity) 
    Color Throw 
  • Cross Contamination (% Cation in Anion or % Anion in Cation) 
  • Extractables (Gravimetric) 
  • Extractables (TOC Soak Test 16 hr @ 60° C) 
  • Friability (Crush Strength) 
  • HIAC Particle Analysis (Size Distribution) 
  • Ionic Composition (Anion Resin - Cl, CO3, OH, SO4, Includes total capacity) 
  • Ionic Composition (Anion Resin - Cl, CO3, OH, SO4, done w/std. anion analysis) 
  • Ionic Composition (Cation Resin - Ca, H, K, Mg, Na, Includes total capacity) 
  • Ionic Composition (Cation Resin - Ca, H, K, Mg, Na - done w/std. cation analysis) 
  • Iron Fouling 
  • Mass Transfer Coefficient (Anion Resin) 
  • Metallic Impurities (First Element - Each Additional Element $15.00) 
  • Mixed Bed Column Capacity (As Received) 
  • Mixed Bed Column Capacity (Lab Regenerated) 
  • Mixed Bed Kinetics (Dynamic Column Study) 
  • Moisture 
  • Oil & Grease 
  • Photomicrograph 
  • % Regenerated to Form (Includes Total Capacity) 
  • % Regenerated to Form (Done with standard anion or cation analysis) 
  • Salt Splitting Capacity (Strong Base Anion Resins) 
  • Screen Analysis (Wet Sieve)
  • Shrink/Swell 
  • Silica Fouling 
  • Total Capacity 
  • Whole - Cracked - Broken Beads (Microscopic Evaluation)

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