Mobile and Temporary Water Treatment Services

Evoqua Water Technologies offers temporary and mobile treatment systems in configurations to ensure that water supplies remain uninterrupted and unaffected by emergency or short term issues that can arise. We also offer a broad range of oil & gas industry-related services to help meet a variety of regulations.

Mobile and Temporary Services

Evoqua's temporary and mobile water treatment systems provide supplemental water to handle short-term water shortages or meet peak demand. We provide temporary water while customers await new water systems to be delivered and installed; while an existing system is shutdown for scheduled maintenance or due to specific regulatory issues.

These systems offer a range of treatment options, including clarification, media filtration, demineralization, reverse osmosis, membrane separation and/or induced air/gas flotation .  Systems are skid-mounted and may be installed on-site or trailer-mounted in our state-of-the-art, climatized assets. Trailers contain instrumentation and equipment for a fully automatic and monitored operation, and are backed by an inventory of critical components.  Installation is minimized with quick hose and simple utility connections, all of which are performed by our skilled installation and service technicians. And, with seven regional dispatch and regeneration facilities in North America, we can service and exchange these trailers with rapid response and a quick turnaround.

Typical uses of our temporary and mobile water treatment systems include:

  • facility expansion
  • pilot new treatment technolgoy
  • interim use until a permanent system is installed
  • process water/treated water qualilty changes
  • emergency/scheduled maintenance
  • seasonal water needs

Customers who have chosen to use our mobile trailers realize the following benefits:

  • no capital expenditure
  • no on-site handling or storage of chemicals
  • guaranteed water quality and quantity

And for the oil & gas industry, we offer acid completion and workover services, flowback services, zinc removal and hydroblasting services, in addition to wastewater treatment from acid completion and workover, drilling and exploration and pipeline and decommissioning.

We also offer a fleet of rental reverse osmosis systems to meet temporary RO needs.

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Temporary and Mobile Treatment Services Case Study

Midwest Power Station saves on Chemicals and Reduces Operational Costs with Containerized Mobile Microfiltration System

An innovative water treatment design helped the Amereen Coffeen Power Station in Coffeen, Illinois go green with a packaged MF/RO system from Evoqua Water Technologies. The system cut the amount of chemical discharges going into a manmade lake from which it draws it cooling and boiler feed water and it improved water quality in the lake.  The innovative microfiltration / RO containerized system design MF was also 40 percent less expensive than conventional technology. 

To meet the power station’s need for treated water while a new system was being built, Evoqua deployed a temporary mobile water treatment system to the site. The system included a mobile pretreatment trailer consisting of duo-media; two combo RO trailers, which contained multi-media filtration and RO; one mobile deionization (DI) trailer; and two skid-mounted FlexTrex® deionization vessels for polishing the product water after the DI trailer. The amount of chemicals discharged to the lake has been reduced by approximately 35 percent, and plant maintenance has been reduced by approximately 3,000 man-hours per year. 

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